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A beeswax wrap set to get you on track – It’s ten to five, you’ve been juggling drama all day, and you have 5 minutes to stop on the way home to pick up anything you’ll need for dinner… Is that parmesan still ok in the bottom of the cheese drawer? It’s been ages…

Let Apiwraps rescue you from the suspense! Beeswax was created for food storage and nothing keeps fresh food fresh better. All your fresh veggies and cheese will stay fresh and lush with Apiwraps because they allow your food to breathe without drying out or sweating which causes spoiling. Therefore: longer lasting veggies without any plastic waste – that makes us double happy!


A breakdown of this full beeswax wrap set: One of each size!

  • An extra-large beeswax wrap for your celery or bread
  • A large wrap for herbs, cheese or sandwich
  • A medium wrap will keep your pumpkin fresh
  • A small for avocados and those little odds and ends

All of your wraps come in complementing patterns from the same collection. Your fridge has never been so fashionable. Your veggies will be as fresh as they were on market day, day after day because they’re kept in a second skin. Just like they would naturally!


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